Hi! My name is William and I'm from Denmark. Currently living in Antigua Guatemala, Central America.

My native language is Danish. I speak english and is currently learning Latin Spanish. Travelling has always fascinated me and even more since I traveled solo in Central America, Guatemala, April 2017. It kickstarted my passion to explore the world even more and also to capture as much as I can on video/photography and sharing on my Youtube channel. (Mostly for my own purpose).

Some countries i've been visiting in Europe: Iceland, Spain, Norway, Italy, Austria, Germany, England, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark(ofc). But I prefer Central America. I love the people, the weather and the culture.

Sold all my valuable things in my apartment. Besides my travel gears. It kind of make my life easier.

I'm kind of a adventure guy. I prefer to speak with locals and learn their culture. I'm very respectful and I strongly believe we ALL can learn from each other - no matter status, age, job-title, poor/rich, tall or small. Nothing of this really matters in the end, and I'm very happy that I have discovered this a long time ago.

I also love watching and sharing inspirational videos about success, life and self-motivation.

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Walking in Guatemala City


I have my own company with a colleague making amazing web/app interfaces. We been doing this for 10 years so far. I'm also a Digital Designer running my own one-man-studio Pixawork as a sideproject. I make and sell some of my services for example here on my travel website. (Photos, Videos, Designs etc).

You can also check out my outdated portfolio here.

To get in touch simply shoot me an email: hello@williamstravellife.com or Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to keep up with the latest news.