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5 days in Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Departure: 19 June - Arrival: 15 June 2018

It's been 2 years ago since I've visit Rio Dulce. Back then I was exploering Rio Dulce with a friend and only for a couple of days. I wanted or actually needed to experince something new. So I bought a shuttle ticket from Bigfoot Hostel in Antigua for around Q250 directly to Hotel Backpackers in Rio Dulce. Didn't wanted to go with a public bus even tho it's Q130 cheaper.

The drive from Antigua to Rio Dulce was estimated to around 5-6 hours. There was a little bit traffic in Guatemala City and the road on the way was under construction. But I like to enjoy time while getting from A to B. Watching the landscape and observe how things outside changes from town to town.

I'm not gonna write a long novel about my days. I went to visit Casa Guatemala, and stay in Hotel Backpackers. Got a private room for Q120 per day.

Rio dulce is a paradise with lots of amazing options to discover hidden gems. It is very hot compare to Antigua Guatemala or the capital.

I considered this adventure as a small vacation. Didn't brought laptop or to much camera gears - and after 5 days I decided to go home to Antigua and was filled with energy to get some work done.

Watch vlog: Exploring Guatemala City, Rio Dulce and Antigua Guatemala

Right now I'm having a break from practicing spanish at my school. Mostly because I find it expensive in the long term. I feel that my bank account is bleeding. Withdrawing mony all the time, and that shouldn't really be needed too much here in Guatemala. I also moved away from my apartment to live in a smaller room at a hostel (Q2000 cheaper per. month) Hoping this decision also will give me a chance to be able to speak more spanish with some of the locals working at the hostel.

Checkout some of my photos from Rio Dulce below.