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A hidden spot near Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Arrival: 6 May 2018

Went to Santa Catarina Barahona with Criss and we took a bus close to the market in Antigua. My spanish teacher recommended me to visit a beautiful place called El Sendero. It's a new and hidden spot - I don't remember the price for entry, but when you're a foreign it will cost a little more than for locals, which is stupid. But we're in Guatemala.

Also it's not possible to buy food or drinks - so bring your own little picnic food. Unless you wanna hike down the hill to find a small store. (You don't want that after hiking up. Also there are not many resturants/places to find food).

It's possible to take a tuc tuc for a small amout Q10. If you don't wanna hike up to El Sendero. For Q25 it's possible to try a small Canopy/Zipline tour.