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Exploring Cerro de la Cruz, Guatemala
Arrival: 14 April 2018

Visiting Cerro de la Cruz is a must-thing to experience while visiting Antigua Guatemala. Find a Tuc Tuc near Central Park and ask for the price up+back. The normal prices is around Q70-150 - It all depends. If you just want to get the ride up it can be done for about Q35. But I recommend asking the tuc tuc driver for waiting at the top of Cerro de la Cruz.

And I would definitely not recommend to walk down the hill alone. It's possible, but there has been a lot of thieves and gangs in the area. If you are going to walk be sure to be in a group and don't carry more than you care to lose. Sometimes there are 2-4 polices at the area, it depends how touristy it is on the specific day.

I paid Q125 for the driver to stay and wait for me for about 1 hour. My Spanish teacher recommend me him, Alberto. So I trusted him and he was very friendly and patient. It wasn't the best weather and it was kind of tricky to shoot 'great' photos without the sun shining. The good ting was that there was not to many people at the area.

It's also possible to buy water, soda etc - and there is a small store where it's possible to buy some Mayan clothes and other nice stuff.

I'm probably going to visit Cerro De La Cruz again, later this year. I hope to get some better shoots of the city and "Volcán de Agua" in the background.