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El Fuego volcano erupted in Guatemala, Guatemala
Arrival: 4 June 2018

Last year I hiked Acatenango in Guatemala near the town Antigua Guatemala. I was lucky to explore an amazing hike with an insane landscape view. This weekend I experienced the real power of the nature when the volcano El Fuego erupted and had a huge impact on a large part of Guatemala. The airport in Guatemala City closed, and Guatemala's President declared the country state of emergency.

Back when I hiked the volcano Acatenango in 2017. The view of the volcano El Fuego.

Luckily I didn't experience any bad things in Antigua Guatemala where I currently live. But I did explored a new way of rain. I felt mud/dust-rain from the volcano which was very strange for me. At first I just thought it was normal rain, until I looked at my clothes and it was muddy spots.

I realized how serious the situation was later the day. All cars, streets and buildings was covered with black volcano dust. I bought 3 masks for avoiding inhaling too much dust, but bought them a little bit late. At least I have them if it happen again.

Watch a video from the eruption below.