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Experience a football match in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Arrival: 19 April 2018

Today I went for a football match, Antigua Guatemala vs. (Not important) with the School where I study Spanish. It's a very recommended school, Spanish School Sevilla. Great teachers with a lot of patience and always very kind/happy.

I was clever enough to NOT bring my camera gears - a lot of people and security. It wasn't allowed to bring coins, because people tend to throw it at the players or the opponent crowd. So I only brought my OnePlus 3T phone and shoot a few photos.

I've been on other stadiums in Denmark and it's really a different way people enjoy watching football. Compare to people in Denmark. A lot of cursing, yelling, noise and in general a little weird for me. But great experience.

Paid around Q40/$5 to enter the stadium.