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Hiking Pacaya volcano, Guatemala
Arrival: 26 April 2018

I was up pretty early this morning. First at 4am then 6am - this is very rare to me. So I went early to Central Park in Antigua and bought a coffee, and while I was studying Spanish at the coffee shop I felt for doing something active later this day.

Booked a hiking tour to Pacaya volcano which is about 1 hour plus/minus via. a shared shuttle all depends on the traffic etc. Paid Q80 for the shuttle/travel-company and Q50 for the entry (required). It's an very easy volcano to hike, and it's only 2.552m above sea level. I still lost a little breath! The air was thin when ascending. But it only lasted for a while. Nothing compared to hiking the volcano Acatenango.

After 4 hours of Spanish class I went to the shuttle and we drove directly to the destination. It became very cloudy and a little rainy, and that kind of ruined my plans for shooting landscape photos. Therefore I don't have a lot of amazing photos from my hiking. I do have a lot of videos that I will share later. But in general I'll recommend to hike Pacaya volcano. And it's pretty safe.

It's possible to "rent" a taxi-horse as they called it. If you need help on the hike. Brought 2L water and 5 bread with chicken. Only eat 1 bread a gave another to the driver. The rest was for the street dogs. <3

Image above is where the hiking stop. It's possible to eat candy which the guide brings. The underground is floating with lava and you can really feel the heat on the volcano stones.

If you want to hike a shorter volcano you should check out Ipala volcano. It's only 1.650 m above sea level. Also possible to drive near the top and just enjoy the day at the amazing water crater. Or download two free photos from my hiking to Ipala volcano.